COVID-19 : Student Emergency Funding

Each day, our current situation is quickly developing. And we’d like to continue to help students who are equally facing the rapid changes that are taking place in their lives due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

We are asking for your assistance to support the VVC Foundation Student Emergency Fund. Your donations will work to support students who find themselves in dire circumstances. These students are in search of help covering their basic needs during this challenging time. These needs may include:

  • Direct aid/funding for essentials including groceries, gas, medical expenses etc.
  • Internet for low-income/homeless students
  • Transportation/living expenses

In the event that our campus should close, the Foundation will remain focused on equipping students with the necessary resources that assist students on their educational journey. Though we understand this journey may come with numerous hurdles to overcome, we’re here to remind them that their community believes in them despite the challenges they face.