History of the VVC Foundation

Victor Valley College Foundation was established on July 9, 1975 when Founding President John Kroencke along with six other board members, James Hvilsted, Paul Kirkpatrick, Robert Graves, Burt Wadsworth, Arthur Taylor and Joseph Campbell recognized the need to establish an organization to help Victor Valley College better serve the residents of the high desert.

The Victor Valley College Foundation’s first project was to help the college find a home for its new Child Development Center by facilitating the purchase of a house near the Victor Valley College campus.,

Established on

July 9, 1975

VVC Foundation 40th Anniversary

July 9, 2015

Victor Valley College Foundation has continued to solicit donations, secure grants and broker partnerships in order to extend the mission of the college through this day.

Since the Victor Valley College Foundation was established, the organization has augmented the Victor Valley College budget with nearly $50 million in alternative resources to make higher education more accessible and relevant than public funding alone would have allowed.

The good work of the  Victor Valley College Foundation throughout the past 45 years has supported virtually every department and program at Victor Valley College and through them impacted nearly every corner of the high desert region.

Among its major accomplishments, the Victor Valley College Foundation helped Victor Valley College to open and outfit important campus facilities including the Performing Arts Center, Student Activities Center, Regional Public Safety Training Center and the new Dr. Prem Reddy Heath and Sciences Building.

The Foundation has helped Victor Valley College to create and strengthen its programs of study including the Victor Valley College School of Nursing, Southern California Logistics Airport School of Aviation Technology, Solar Photovoltaic Design & Installation, Automotive Technology – Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance, Geographic Information Systems, Contract & Community Education, Paramedic Academy and many others.

Students at Victor Valley College have received more than $6 million in scholarship funds through the Victor Valley College Foundation to allow them to focus more on their studies than on how to pay for them.

The Victor Valley College Foundation has enriched campus life by supporting student experience programs including the Associated Student Body, Athletics, Model United Nations, Performing Arts, and Tropical Research Initiative indirectly contributing to numerous championships, awards, honors and the discovery of several previously unidentified species.

More students at Victor Valley College have received valuable support services including academic tutoring, mentoring and specialized counseling, including those offered in the Math Success Center and Veteran’s Resource Center, because of investments secured by the Victor Valley College Foundation.

In its 45 year history, the Victor Valley College Foundation has attracted hundreds of the region’s most formidable leaders to champion its cause and inspired thousands of generous donors to support its mission.



We do what is right to earn
the trust of our stakeholders


We believe the future is bright
and we work to make it so


We seek partnerships
to make us stronger


We focus on strong fundraising activities
so we can impact more lives


We are accountable
for our commitments


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