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Administration of Justice

The VVC Administration of Justice program has appreciated the generosity and assistance of the Victor Valley College Foundation over the last 40 years. The AJ program has been the proud recipient of Foundation Campus Grants, including $1,500 to purchase three body armored vests for use at the Regional Public Safety Training Center.

The Foundation also secured grant funding from San Manuel for 40 laptops, screen protectors, power-strips and a cart to store the supplies in to meet the POST certification requirements for AJ students. Grants written by the Foundation have also provided the program with handguns, additional magazines for those handguns, and cleaning and maintenance equipment for the shooting range. AJ appreciates the continued support of the Foundation in ensuring our program is successful.

For more information about the Administration of Justice program, click here.


We consider the Victor Valley College Foundation a part of our Athletics team. In 2015, our locker room was broken into and all of our football players’ personal belongings were stolen. Foundation board members came to their aid and repaid every dollar to help our students recover what was taken from them.

This inspired our guys to make their community proud. This season they were undefeated and named Mountain West Conference Champions! The VVC Foundation also supplied the players with their championship rings and over the years has helped us secure training equipment for our sports performance classes. Investments like this from the community demonstrate to our student athletes a reason to become alumni donors post-graduation.

For more information about the Athletics Department, click here.

Automotive Technology

Automotive students are benefiting and learning on today’s tools and technologies thanks to our partnership with the Victor Valley College Foundation. The Foundation secured a grant that added two hybrid vehicles to our shop exposing our students to the latest technology as well as special tools to work on the fuel efficient vehicles.

They also helped our program to purchase a large supply of miscellaneous nuts and bolts and brokered an intern program with our local Auto Park. This relationship has led to permanent employment for students and is continuing today.

For more information about the Automotive Technology Department, click here.

Aviation Technology

The Victor Valley College Foundation was instrumental in bringing the SCLA School of Aviation Technology to the College. Working closely with members of the Victor Valley Aviation Education Consortium, which previously operated the school, the Foundation brokered a College takeover to ensure the program’s sustainability and allow students interested in becoming Airframe & Powerplant Technicians access to financial aid.

The Foundation continued to support the program by establishing the San Bernardino County Aviation Endowment which provides operational support and scholarships and by partnering with SCLA to provide facilities that house the school. The Foundation even landed a 727 plane for instructional use.

For more information about the SCLA School of Aviation Technology, click here.


The Foundation has assisted the Biology department with critical purchases over the past several years. In 2014, the Foundation secured funding to purchase an autoclave, which is a necessary piece of equipment used to support the many microbiology courses. Without an autoclave, the Biology department would not be able to run a single section of microbiology.

In addition, the Foundation helped us secure cats for dissection purposes. The price of the cats was much higher than expected, but again the Foundation found the resources necessary to help! Now our students in the program have the hands-on opportunity they do not get in some other schools!

For more information about the Biology Department, click here.

Child Development Center

In 1975, Victor Valley College was awarded a grant to establish a new child development program. The grant allowed the College to lease space but it did not permit the College to buy a building. Several forward thinking College and community leaders founded the Victor Valley College Foundation to purchase the “Capri House” and leased it back to the College. The Foundation sold the house when the child development program moved to a new location.

The CDC is primarily involved in preparing students for careers in early childhood education. Over the years, the Foundation has helped us secure more than $25,000 in funding.

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One could describe the relationship between the Chemistry program and the Foundation as having a lot of “chemistry”! In the Fall of 2014, our program received a campus grant from the Foundation to purchase parts to repair our Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry, (GC-MS). This piece of equipment is an integral part of learning organic chemistry for students.

Because of the help from the Foundation, students will now be able to experience and learn on a vital university and industry standard machine!

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Communications Center

The Victor Valley College Communications Center helps students prepare for presentations and job interviews Students who take advantage of the center gain the confidence and communication skills they need to present themselves professionally. One key resource students can access in the center is a video production studio that has been outfitted with microphones, curtains, and sound mixing equipment through grants from the Foundation. The studio allows students to videotape themselves so they can see clearly where they can improve their presentations skills.

Without Foundation support, the Communications Center would not have a studio or the recording equipment to offer this instructive value.

For more information about the Communications Center, click here.

Computer Information Systems

Our students have benefited greatly by a communication platform called TeamSpeak. TeamSpeak is a voice over IP (VoIP) solution. This is a popular tool used in the online computer gaming community. The CIS program created a similar environment which many CIS students are already using.

In addition, it is a device students can also use for their class projects when collaborating with one another as well as gaining access to our tutors. The funding and equipment was secured in the summer of 2013.

For more information about the CIS Department, click here.

Construction Technology

The Foundation has had an enourmous impact on the Construction Technology Department in a variety of courses, including Concrete & Masonry, Remodeling, Heating and Air, Framing, and Woodworking over the last 3 years by funding equipment that enhances the students’ lab experience. The Foundation has helped us connect students to careers by helping to build relationships within our industry.

An example is our Solar Program, which in just 1.5 years has 64 students working in Solar that will earn an estimated $1.8 million dollars in wages this year alone. Construction Tech and the Foundation are partnering to change lives in our community.

For more information about the Construction Technology Department, click here.

Emergency Medical Services

The Foundation has secured funding from San Manuel (in two consecutive years) that has provided 50 iPads for use in the Paramedic Academy and the infrastructure (HD cameras, tripods, cases, laptops, and audio and wireless streaming devices) for the acquisition of 4 additional high-fidelity mannequins for our Simulation Labs.

The monetary donations provided have positively impacted student success during their capstone course to a zero failure rate over the past three consecutive cohorts – June 2014, December 2014 and June 2015. Additionally, the iPads have enabled the program to significantly reduce student costs through the adoption of e-books and helped the program go entirely paperless.

For more information about the Emergency Medical Services program, click here.

Fire Technology

Students learning to fight fires must be able to master the skills required both to save lives and protect themselves in dangerous situations. Availability of equipment and safety gear is critical to this skill mastery. The Foundation has helped VVC to acquire self contained breathing apparatuses, a thermal imaging camera, radio technology, and several fire engines.

Recently, the Foundation worked with San Manuel Band of Mission Indians to provide turnout gear for student interns who can now work alongside professional firefighters actively fighting fires. This experience gives our graduates a competitive advantage in the job market and makes them more ready to save lives on day one.

For more information about the Fire Technology program, click here.

Media Arts

Thanks to the Victor Valley College Foundation and our donors, students enrolled in the VVC Media Arts program are now able to produce prototype 3D models of items that were once just thoughts. Quickly and easily a student can model and create objects that can be used in everyday life using a 3D printer provided by a Foundation Campus Grant.

The Foundation also helped us to secure a camera that students use as they would in an actual studio which simulates on-the-job training. With the camera they can film high quality products. Without the Foundation, however, none of this would be possible.

For more information about the Media Arts Department, click here.

Model United Nations

The Model United Nations (MUN) Program serves as an exciting way to learn about world affairs and international politics in true-to-life simulations. MUN provides a unique atmosphere for students to develop their skills in public speaking, teamwork, leadership, and communication.

Students get the chance to work with a diverse group of people from around the world in international academic conferences, meet with real diplomats at their embassies, and get to visit important sites including the United Nations, Congress, and the White House.

For more information about Model United Nations, click here.


VVC is known for its exceptional nursing program. Part of what makes this program strong is the support we receive through the Victor Valley College Foundation. Donations have allowed us to outfit a simulation lab to teach life-saving critical thinking skills and scholarships have removed financial distractions for students helping our graduates to achieve high first-time pass rates on their licensure exams.

Millions of dollars in charitable and grant support has been secured by the Foundation to augment and sustain the department, including a recent $2 million investment from Dr. Prem Reddy in a new state of the art building that will open this fall.

For more information about the Dr. Prem Reddy School of Health Sciences, click here.

Restaurant Management

VVC Restaurant Management has a long standing friendship with the Foundation. Delivering effective learning opportunities for careers in the foodservice industry requires access to proper equipment. Several Foundation Campus Grants have allowed Restaurant Management to acquire valuable training tools including a portable beverage cart and canopy, round banquet tables, and salad bar equipment.

Each quarter the Foundation provides a venue for practical experiences by contracting with Restaurant Management to cater its President’s Circle. This event gives students exposure to gourmet menus and upscale service techniques. Additionally, our department has worked with the Foundation to make scholarships available to our students.

For more information about Restaurant Management, click here.


Scholarships allow students to focus more on what they are studying because they can focus less on worrying about how they are going to pay for school or buy a textbook they need. These awards also give students a vote of confidence by telling them they are worth the investment. Sadly, many students don’t hear that enough. So when a stranger gives them a hand up in the form of a scholarship, they are truly grateful.

In 40 years, the Foundation has facilitated more than $6.5 million in scholarships that say “we believe in you” and thousands of students have graduated, because that help made their dreams more possible.

To find out more about the Foundation’s Scholarship program, click here.

Tropical Research Initiative

Since its inception in 2009, the Tropical Research Initiative has benefited several times from the generosity of the Victor Valley College Foundation and its donors. TRI allows students to participate in bona fide biological fieldwork in the tropics.

All funds received through the Foundation directly support student travel so more students are able to join TRI and participate in its various research projects that lead to scientific publications. Participating in TRI gives transfer students an advantage when they apply to university research programs. Students conducting research in East Timor actually discovered several new species… how cool is that?

Veterans Resource Center

We thank the Victor Valley College Foundation for their wonderful support of our Veterans’ educational needs. Veterans returning home from Iraq, Afghanistan and all other locations around the world, bravely served our Country and are now utilizing their well-deserved GI Bill benefits. This support gives us the opportunity to provide much needed resources to support their educational needs.

A grant secured by the Foundation helped to locate a dedicated space on campus and made it possible for VVC to paint, furnish and staff the VRC. In addition, we purchased computers, provided tutoring services and supplies; thereby creating a space Veterans can call home.

For more information about the Veteran’s Resource Center, click here.