2022-2023 Scholarship Ceremony

Congratulations to our incredible scholarship recipients on their academic achievements. We’re so proud of you all!


VICTORVILLE, CA – The Victor Valley College Foundation is proud to award 300 students $235,000 in scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year. On June 14, 2022, Victor Valley College students drove around the VVC campus lake in celebration of their academic achievements during the 2022-2023 Scholarship Ceremony.

Funding stems from the incredible assistance from surrounding businesses and organizations that work to support Victor Valley College’s mission of Student Success. Following the lakeside drive-thru celebration, donors received the chance to meet and network with their scholarship recipients during a reception in the Victor Valley College Student Activities Center.

“Scholarships have changed my life. Not only am I able to receive the financial assistance that alleviates the stress that comes with the journey, but I receive the chance to be a part of something bigger,” said Victor Valley College nursing student, Michael Baisa. “I’ve learned more about the power of philanthropy and I plan to share, guide, and help the future students studying to become Registered Nurses.”

Scholarship recipients span all majors, ethnicities, and backgrounds with many being recent high school graduates, first-generation scholars, returning students, and individuals seeking professional development.

“We know just how stressful pursuing a higher education degree may be,” said Director of Fund Development and Scholarships, Chris Nunez. “We know there are a multitude of obstacles students may face during their pursuit, each varying from student to student. We are incredibly thankful for the support and donations that come from our community and business partners. Because of their generosity, we are able to award these scholarships that ultimately increase the likelihood of success for students and help them to overcome their obstacles.”

The Foundation’s program continues to be the leading clearinghouse of scholarship awards for High Desert residents pursing their education at Victor Valley College. They help nursing students learn to save lives, fuel education for aviation technicians in training and pave the way for transfer students to advance their careers. In fact, awards assist students in pursuing just about every major the College offers and presented to those who demonstrate financial need, participate in community service or show academic excellence. Applications are accepted at the beginning of the Victor Valley College’s Spring Semester to prepare for the following academic year.

For more information about applying for or awarding scholarships through the Victor Valley College Foundation, visit the Foundation online at www.vvcfoundation.com. In addition to those awarded through this annual scholarship program, the Foundation regularly posts scholarship opportunities available from other sources on its social media platforms.

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