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Tanya Corrales Thank You Cardenas Scholarship!

Tanya Corrales

Thank You Cardenas Scholarship!

Major: Nursing

Q. What does receiving a scholarship mean to you?
A. It makes me feel like all my hard work is paying off. I feel both humbled and proud of myself.

Q. How is attending VVC changing your life?
A. It has changed my life because the nursing program is one of the best in the state, and I know I am getting the best education possible!

Q. What are your goals and dreams? And how is VVC helping you reach those goals?
A. My goal is to become a registered nurse, and VVC is helping me reach this goal by having a rigorous nursing program.

Q. Why should someone give a scholarship to VVC?
A. Because we have a lot of students that really want to make something of themselves.

Q. Why should a student choose to attend VVC?
A. VVC offers many good programs, but I think the best quality of this school is the diversity of the students. Everyone feels welcomed!