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Denise Gonzalez Thank You Excellence in Education and

Denise Gonzalez

Thank You Excellence in Education and

Major: Math/Science

Q. What does receiving a scholarship mean to you?
A. This means that a financial burden will be lifted from me and my family, and we will all have less stress.

Q. How is attending VVC changing your life?
A. It has changed my life for the better. It means I can have a better future for myself, and possibly help out my family.

Q. What are your goals and dreams? And how is VVC helping you reach those goals?
A.  My goal is to become a Physician Assistant, and to come back to the high desert and serve my community. Victor Valley College is helping me reach these goals by giving me the confidence to continue my education, have that college experience and strive for more in my life. 

Q. Why should someone give a scholarship to VVC?
A. There are a lot of people here who are financially unable to pay for college because there aren't a lot of jobs in the high desert.

Q. Why should a student choose to attend VVC?
A.  It will be the best option financially and you get to go to a school close to home.